Roller Skating Lessons 

Samu’el Fonville

Samu’el Fonville is the CEO/Founder of Rollin’ Unified Ready and Smooth Rollin’ Basics. Outside of the roller-skating community, Sam works as an Electronics Technician for various shipyards in the Tidewater area. Also, he has been a proud roller skater for over 30 years learning various styles and techniques. Sam is an inspiration and prominent figure within the adult roller-skating community. During his time of being a student of the art Sam, has become a teacher of roller-skating for over 8 years. He offers roller-skating lessons called Smooth Rollin’ Basics for roller-skaters of all ages and skillsets. He has also served with many different roller-skating organizations and groups such as 4 by 2 (4 the skaters, by the skaters and 2 the skaters), Show Out Boyz of VA, VA Skate Connection, VA Smooth Rollers and NY Envy Rollers whom all has influenced equality, unity, determination, shared accountability, respect for fellow skaters and having fun in within the roller-skating community.

His brand “Rollin’ Unified Ready” was founded in March of 2019 motivated by the continuous struggles African-Americans endure just to skate. It is a platform to collaborate and congregate with lovers of the art of roller-skating no matter their ethnicity and lifestyle. Rollin’ Unified Ready mission is to continue to UNIFY, EDUCATE, CREATE, SERVE, AND SKATE! This movement provides fun activities such as roller-skating lessons (Smooth Rollin’ Basics) and hosting special roller-skating events for families and the Adult Skate community. Rollin’ Unified Ready also stands up against the inequality, injustice, and immoral acts inside and outside of the roller-skating community.